The Power of Dreams

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The Power of a Dream

Recall how as a kid you had dreams of  wonderful roles – doctor, lawyer, fireman, hero, maybe even superman or wonder woman! Anything and everything was possible then.

I had a dream for a while of living in a lean-to in the nearby mountains (never did manifest that one.)  I also had a dream of being an artist. That one went underground until a friend “tricked” me into discovering my long submerged painting talent.

Actually even daydreams  are NOT a waste of time, in spite of our childhood teachers scolding us with wake up and pay attention Day dreams are a super powerful KEY to truly getting what you most want as an adult.  And day dreams in the form of focused visualization can transform your deepest desires into reality.

Realize Your Dream

Do YOU have a dream you want to bring into reality? The first step is to escape the stress and relax down into the Alpha brain state that was so natural for us as kids. The next step is to carve out a time slot for a focused visualization of actually *having* what you desire – make your daydream as detailed and real as possible.

The more often you do this, the more convinced your powerful subconscious mind will become – and the more likely it will push you to take the appropriate actions to achieve your dream.

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