Dealing With a Challenge

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The current financial crisis is rapidly spreading throughout the world. No one seems to have a answer.

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There are just too many variables, and very little clarity. Many people are feeling challenged or stuck in undesirable situations. This can be very frustrating and unsettling. A situation such as this often forces us to make lifestyle decisions.

But every decision you make is not just a decision about what to do. It’s also a decision about Who You Are. Once you understand this everything changes.

The problem you might face in such a situation is this:  How can you move forward when you feel unclear about the next step to take? Admittedly, this can cause some pretty extreme stress. Stress then adds more fuel to the fire, but you know deep inside that you need to DO something.

What’s the answer?

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To get your life on track you first have to get clear about your situation. If you fail to truthfully analyze your situation and possible courses of action, you’ll find yourself  stressed and confused.  You already know this on a deep intuitive level.

What are your options?

One way to overcome indecision is to simply choose from among your possible solutions. Whether or not your choice is perfect, just take a small step in what seems the best direction.

There is great power in action. Movement in any direction will break your mind free from the cement of indecision, and provide new information and experiences. Since life is so totally unpredictable, who knows how your situation will change once you take some action. Even if you make a wrong choice, at least you will break free of the painful, mind-numbing cement of indecision!

What Can Happen!

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Years ago I worked with a couple who lost nearly everything in the 9/11 market crash. They lost their savings, their house and their nest egg. All they had left was a rundown shack of a cabin on a nearby lake. What did they do? They focused their energy on what they had left and moved into the lake house.

Over the next year they repaired the house and turned their property into a “bring your own boat” little campground. Were they successful? Yes, and they now have a low stress fun lifestyle. They say “losing everything” was actually a blessing. The right attitude and realistic actions can make a huge difference! Want to deal better with a financial challenge=> Click here!



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