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Brainwave Training MP3 Collections are also available with those books.

the scienceNEW – THE SCIENCE OF MENTAL TRAINING: A Rapid Way to Expand Personal Power

Focused and on-target to achieve more success in your personal or business life.What if a few proven science-based methods could dramatically increase your success? You might assume you are chasing the right dream – but ARE you? Could you be making the one greatest goal-killing mistake? Are old subconscious thoughts sabotaging your desire to succeed? Learn how to rapidly replace them once and for all. This is an easy-to-understand guide to the neuroscience of mental training applied to the goal of expanded personal power. Go Read the 1st Chapters FREE!

AMAZE YOURSELF: Take a Quantum Leap

Regardless of how brilliant or successful you are, there’s still more YOU that can be unleashed. “Amaze Yourself: Take a Quantum Leap” takes you straight into the discovery of very exciting hidden aspects of yourself!  This fast-moving book has a reputation for changing lives! Written by an unusual mind/brain researcher and doctor of psychology who is a long-time advisor to success-motivated people from around the world. Go Read the 1st Chapters FREE!

PINEAL GLAND & THIRD EYE: Proven Methods to Develop your Higher Self

There is now very real scientific proof that your pineal gland truly IS a third eye. It even has a lens just like your regular eyes. Come discover how this works in your brain (easy to understand). Then use the provided insights and tools to expand YOUR consciousness and natural psychic abilities (we all have them) by opening the vision of your pineal gland third eye. Written by a pioneer brain/mind researcher who is also a doctor of transformational psychology and dedicated metaphysician. Includes third eye tools you can immediately begin to use.  Go Preview this Popular Book FREE!

Out of BodyOUT-OF-BODY WORKBOOK: The Ultimate Guide to the Astral Projection Experience

Many serious scientists now believe astral projections and OBEs are far more than psychic phenomena. This amazing experience can be understood as happening in 5 easily duplicated steps. The book includes a series of exercises and proven methods suitable for experienced out-of-body travelers and skeptics alike. Written by a pioneer brain/mind researcher who is also a doctor of psychology and metaphysician. Includes methods and tools you can immediately begin to use. Come Preview this Remarkable Book FREE!

INCREASE YOUR BRAIN POWER: The Science of Clear Thinking

This 51-page mini-book explains the science of how your brain creates your reality, and HOW to use your brain to think clearly, smart and fast. INCLUDES INSIGHTS AND EXERCISES  to expand your intelligence, and help you come out on top of any challenge or situation. By personal development expert Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, doctor of psychology, pioneer brain/mind researcher, and personal coach to leaders from around the world. Go read a sample FREE!

Turn on Your SUPER BRAIN: 5 Steps to Activate Your Natural Genius

Modern research shows your brain is physically changed by each of your thoughts. Understand HOW your brain shapes your life, and you than have the potential to reach in and change your life at the source. In “Turn on Your Super Brain: Discover Your Natural Genius” Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, mind/brain research pioneer, delivers exciting information certain to have an interesting impact on your lifeTake a Look!

Our Quantum Leap Audio Collections

A remarkable source of stereo-quality downloadable engineered brainwave training audios developed by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler — 47-year pioneer brain/mind researcher and doctor of transformational psychology. These MP3s have been designed to help you train your brain to create special mental states and experiences — from higher states of consciousness … to out-of-body experiences … resolution of sleep problems … even third eye-opening. Click here to VIEW.

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