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The ancient Greeks viewed “reality” as an interwoven web of energy. Modern science now agrees. Quantum physics has proven that everything, from rocks to birds, is really “energy” in motion. We have created Build Mind Power.com  to offer insightful materials and insights to persons around the world with an interest in the scientific basis of personal development.

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Dr Jill Ammon-WexlerJill Ammon-Wexler
Build a Happier, More Successful Life – One Thought at a Time
Getting more satisfaction in life does not necessarily result from taking the latest personal growth program. True, this sets your feet on a more productive path. BUT…true lasting success only happens when you commit to direct your thoughts and actions every day. In other words, your daily mental habits and resulting actions are what help you create the life and business conditions you want.

In her books, audiobooks and programs, Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler provides insights and action plans for every area of your life: from higher states of awareness to personal achievement … from instant stress management to healthy longevity … from enhanced mental performance and focus to mind/brain enhancement.

Unlike other personal development approaches, her focus is on focusing your brain/mind power to create more focused and successful action. Instead of presenting strategies that never work in the real world, you’ll get genuine science-based information that can be immediately implemented.

Dr. Jill is a doctor of psychology with over 45 years of pioneering brain/mind research experience. In addition to teaching mind power methods in universities and corporations, she was invited by former President Jimmy Carter to support his Special Commission on Women in Business, was invited to serve as a Pentagon consultant focused on business communications, and has authored over 30 books, a novel, and hundreds of articles in both business and individual success categories.

When not writing or teaching, Dr. Jill enjoys artistic pursuits, gardening and being out-of-doors, good conversation, home, and garden design, and kayaking and skiing.
Learn more by scrolling down the page to check out Dr. Jill’s books, audiobooks, and other materials…She is the scientific developer of the QuantumLeapAudios and the Quantum Mind Program, and the co-founder of Quantum-Self.com.

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