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Pineal Gland & Your Third Eye

Pineal Gland Your Third EyeDo you want direct experience of higher states of consciousness? You need to read this book…Why open your third eye? Mystics, philosophers, religious teachers and shaman throughout time tell us the third eye is the gateway to our higher self and deeper life meaning. A complete guide to step-by-step methods, Pineal Gland & Third Eye de-mystifies the third eye and explains its true nature in the brain as the pineal gland.  Audible Sample Here!

Amaze Yourself: Take a Quantum Leap Audible

Amaze YourselfExperience the ultimate adventure! If you want more in your life, this audiobook is a very real road map! No matter how intelligent you are, or how creative or successful, there’s still more you to be unleashed on all levels. Plus no matter how “limited” or “challenged” you might think you are, there’s a charismatic, confident and far more capable version of you just waiting for an invitation to emerge.
Audible Sample Here!

Break Free: 12 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy Audible

Break FreeLearn how to understand and change the brain-based patterns that shape your life – your thoughts. This exciting book is packed with life-changing insights, real-life stories, step-by-step methods, and amazing scientific proof of your potential to master personal transformation. These insights can unleash a fundamental change in what’s possible for you – supercharging your confidence and self-esteem to remarkable new levels. Audible Sample Here!

Out-of-Body Workbook: The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Astral Project Experiences Audible

Out-of-Body WorkbookMany call out-of-body (OBE) experiences “astral projections” because of the unusual perceptive nature of these experiences. But there’s more than metaphysics involved in OBE. Serious scientists are interested in this phenomena, and it has been studied by both the USA and Russia. The book provides proven step-by-step methods to help you safely expand your conscious awareness beyond the limits of your physical self. Audible Sample Here!