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Our “ACHIEVEMENT” Collection


Moves you through 6 ways to IMMEDIATELY experience more happiness and success in your life or business. Fast, easy-to-apply answers to the challenges you face! The topics span:
1. Doing a Lifestyle Analysis
2. How to Instantly Improve Your Financial Belief System
3. Activating the TRUE Key to Prosperity
4. How to Ensure You Focus on Your Goals
5. A Fast and Happy Way to Eliminate Personal Limitations
6. POW – Instantly Unleash Burning Personal Energy
7. How to Get an Immediate Life Boost
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thinkingNEW – THINKING SMART AND FAST: 8 steps to tap into your genius, make a decision, and solve any problem fast

Wonder WHY super successful people can think so smart and fast? To instantly make a quick decision? To exceed their goals? Is this genius in action? Here’s a neuroscience clue…Do you think you have an “average” or perhaps a “brilliant” mental capacity? Actually you have far more mind power than you can begin to imagine. You have close to, or perhaps even beyond, genius potential! THINKING SMART AND FAST presents 8 focused steps you can take to…Read a Chapter FREE

NEW – MINDSET: Use Your Brain’s Creativity & Natural Genius to Make Decisions and Reach Your Goals

Are you searching for a personal or business idea? Properly focused, your brain can instantly direct your thoughts and actions toward your goal. The secret is learning HOW to use your brain’s natural genius to direct creativity toward your goals. Your ability to generate high performance brain states is the TRUE limiting factor. Research now shows how to create a super power effect in your brain that turns on SPECIAL cognitive skills. Once activated, your brain will not stop looking until it finds something to satisfy your goal. Come learn how to create “seed ideas” leading to truly remarkable creative experiences. Read a Chapter FREE


Personal goal-setting and achievement that works! Success and failure both start in the same place your mind. Overcome the #1 reason most people never achieve their goals. Clarify exactly what you want, and develop a truly realistic step-by-step action plan to get it. => MORE INFO!

2 Day Goal Blueprint2-DAY GOAL BLUEPRINT: Master Any Goal

REACH YOUR GOALS FASTER AND EASIER! This book presents a remarkably insightful and Easy-To-Use goal achievement method! Ever had that feeling there’s some goal setting or Law of Attraction insight you’re missing? Something that is somehow limiting what you can achieve? There’s a reason some people attract personal achievement rapidly and easily, while others struggle and fail. Come learn and apply their goal setting and Law of Attraction secrets! Formerly published as: “The Power of Habits.” Read a Chapter FREE

MONEY MIND POWER: Learn to use the biology of belief
to change your life and train your
brain to achieve money success. (previously as Manifesting Money)

An unusual book by a self-made millionaire and advisor to success-motivated people from around the world.  The first part focuses on refining your money mindset by: (1) clarifying and increasing your desire, (2) cultivating belief, (3) creating expectation, and (4) eliminating any negatives that have prevented you from achieving your desired financial goals. This sets the stage for part II, where you will actively create a new money blueprint, then use the blueprint to pursue and achieve your money-related goals. Read a FREE Sample!

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Success: Change your life. Attract money, happiness and success with law of attraction positive thinking and creative insight

The Law of Attraction has become increasingly popular since the book entitled “The Secret” was published. But many say it fails to produce what they want. There’s a science-based reason for this. Every thought creates physical neural networks in your brain. These networks then direct your actions. Learn HOW to control this process and you CAN use the Law of Attraction for POWERFUL personal transformation and success!  Preview the Book FREE!
Also available as a printed soft cover book.

HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK SMART: 7 Ways to Develop Their Mind Power and Achieve Success

Top successful people from all walks of life all share the same secret – they use their brains in a very certain way. In “THINK SMART,” our best-selling mini-book, you’ll learn strategies to develop the mind power of successful people from the brain-out. This 36-page mini-book is packed full of science-based insights that may shock you! Come ignite your SUPER POTENTIAL! 
Also available as a printed soft cover book.

“BRAIN-SMART” STRESS SOLUTION: How your brain creates stress … and how to transform stress into positive action.

Being calm when stressed depends on a quarter-sized spot in your brain. This part of your brain is naturally “on” for those who handle stress well. The fast-reading book focuses on immediate ways YOU can activate this important center in your own brain. This 37-page “no-fluff” ebook presents insights and methods to quickly take control of the stress in your life, then use a remarkable 2-day “Change Your Life Strategy” to achieve your goals faster and easier. Go Read 2 Chapters FREE!

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