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Your Pineal Gland = Your Third Eye

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Did you realize you actually DO have a physical third eye? Ancient esoteric teachers long felt we are somehow connected to higher levels of consciousness through a “third eye.” They were right!

Quick Ways to Light Up Your Brain

Brain scans have confirmed what many coffee and tea drinkers already know — caffeine perks you up. Here’s how that works…

Grow a Genius-Level Brain

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Even if you test at the genius level, you still have far more potential mind power. Here’s why…

Why Take a 10 Minute Power Nap?

Image result for Why Take a 10 Minute Power Nap? According to recent scientific research, a quick 10-minute power nap can boost your mental focus and productivity because…

Claiming Law of Attraction Success

Image result for Law of Attraction SuccessProbably the least understood aspect of the human mind is our emotional intelligence. Emotion is the end result of a feeling and..

Solve Problems Easier

Image result for solve problemsAt one time or another most of us have experienced feeling somehow stuck by a problem and uncertain of what to do. Here’s what to do…

How Thoughts Influence Prosperity

Image result for How Thoughts Influence ProsperityFor the most part, we eat, sleep, work, play and live out our lives with little thought of what’s going on in our minds. This is not necessarily bad.

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