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Our “FEEL GREAT” eBook Collection

Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

Everything we do all begins in the same place – in our amazing 3-pound brain. The fastest way to increase your personal potential and life satisfaction is to build your understanding of how your brain directs your thoughts and actions. Build Mind Power.com focuses on tools, insights and tips you can use to build a super mind.


NEW – INSIGHT MIND POWER: How flash insights can instantly boost your charity and success

What IS a flash insight? William James, an early 20th century psychologist, described flash insights as if one’s entire lifetime of experience was suddenly compressed into a single instant of SUPER REAL CLARITY. Three- to 5-second flash insights can initiate deep personal transformation, inspire creativity, and even change the entire direction of your life or business in an instant. This fast-read book focuses on how to encourage and develop these insights. Here is the answer!

FEEL GOOD: 11 Steps to Overcome Depression & Anxiety Using Brain-Based Mood Therapy (Feel Better Series)

You don’t want your mental wellbeing to depend on nothaving problems or challenges. A better goal is to control any anxiety, worry or depression in spite of what’s happening around you. The question you might have is, “How can I be happy and positive if I feel moody, depressed or anxious?” Here is the answer!

BREAK FREE: 12 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy

You can instantly transform your life in truly remarkable ways. Simply adjust the way you think and you’ll experience a better, more successful and exciting life. This easy-to-read 145-page book is packed with real-life stories, amazing research results, and life-changing insights and proven methods. The book unveils the remarkable methods Dr. Jill has used for over 47 years working with performers, executives and achievement-oriented people from around the world. Go preview this eBook free!
Also available as a printed soft cover book and an audio book.

Can You BECOME EXCEPTIONAL: Change Your Life. 10 steps to brilliant transformation 

You are naturally brilliant! If your brain cells were laid out end to end they would stretch over a thousand miles. What does THIS say about your true potential? Modern research now says that “genius” is not born – it is a totally learnable method of using your brain! Why not be exceptional? Come light that first spark. Go preview this popular ebook free!

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: 25 Steps to Supercharge Your Self Confidence “Feel Better”

It’s generally considered “impolite” to believe in one’s own self. The problem? This leaves many people feeling “down” on their own self. This book slams that idea into the dust. This remarkable mini-book presents 9 science-based insights about who you REALLY are …then provides by remarkably easy-to-use, proven-effective methods to help you rapidly build powerful self-confidence. You’ll love this book! Click to Read a Few Pages FREE!

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