Stir Up Some Positive Anger

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Have you ever have the feeling that your life was going nowhere.

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Just spinning around in a circle? If so, this solution to getting your feet planted solidly on the ground might surprise you.

One of the most powerful tools we humans have is emotion.  Emotion is literally mental energy in motion. Certain emotions such as anger and love can instantly change your outlook, and even your entire life.  Absolutely nothing needs to be said about the power of passionate love, but how about the power of passionate anger?  You might think anger is a negative emotion, but actually it isn’t either bad or good.

Anger is simply energy in motion. It’s what you choose to do with your anger that makes it a positive or negative force.

Have you ever been in the grips of a sudden uncontrollable rage? If so you’ve tasted the outer limits of anger’s most negative side. This kind of anger is behind crimes of passion and the ability to strike back at a threat in order to survive. But anger can also be a powerful force for personal transformation.

How can that be so? Here’s a real life story about the positive side power of anger. A man in his late twenties woke up in the dismal surroundings he called home – a cheap hotel room with a sagging mattress, a flea-bitten armchair, a small table with a habit of losing a leg, and a single window opening onto the side of the next building.

He pulled on the shorts and socks that had dried on the chair overnight, put on a pair of too well worn jeans, and sank down on the edge of the mattress. He rubbed his eyes and sighed.

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Life was not going well for this young man. His life was not moving in a positive direction. He bent over to put on his shoes, but instead threw one at the wall, then threw the other.  His face blazed crimson. The frustration that had been building within suddenly erupted like a volcano. “This is enough,” he shouted. “Enough. I’ve had it with my disgusting behavior.”

Today this same young man owns a long string successful businesses and properties. He is highly regarded by millions of people from around the world and several world leaders. His name? Tony Robbins. Tony is an example of how you can use passionate anger to literally turn your life around on a dime.

We each have several choices about how to use the energy of our anger.

■ You can “stuff it.” But if you do so, the anger will not  go away. What repressed anger does is to make its home somewhere in your body and create diseases and disorders such as high blood pressure, ulcers, colitis, and other digestive disorders.

■ You can turn it against others. Not much needs to be said about how counter-productive this strategy can be.

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■ You can “work it out” physically. The energy of anger can be transformed into beneficial physical energy by running, working out, etc. This is obviously a good option.

■ You can use it to motivate yourself. Think about what Tony Robbins did in his life. It’s the same thing Eleanor Roosevelt did to transform herself from a homely, insecure young girl to a world respected leader. If your life is NOT what you want it to be, just get mad enough to change it!

Remember: Anger is just an emotion. But passionate anger can become a highly motivating and unstoppable energy => Put it to work in your life.



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