Feeling Stressed or Moody?

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Do you tend to be stressed or moody?

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You might want to consider a huge Swedish research study about the effects of stress and moodiness. A group of Swedish researchers studied 800 women for a period of almost four decades. Over that time, the study participants with an average starting age of 46 were given memory tests, and also tests of their stress, anxiety and moodiness personality traits.

After 38 years of study, the results indicated that those who were the most stressed, anxious or moody had double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) compared to those scoring lowest in these personality traits.

Being introverted or extroverted alone didn’t seem to affect dementia risk. However 25% of the research subjects who were moody, easily stressed and introverted developed Alzheimer’s, while only 13 percent of those who tested as extroverted and not easily stressed developed the disease.

So … how could being moody or anxious influence the risk for dementia? Apparently by encouraging stress … which is known to affect our overall mental and physical health. Prior research has clearly indicated that stress is associated with changes in the hippocampus, a brain structure impacted very early in Alzheimer’s. Research has shown that stress kills brain cells located in the hippocampus — our brain’s memory storage center.

Want a Solution?

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