How Thoughts Influence Prosperity

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For the most part we eat, sleep, work, play and live out our lives with little thought of what’s going on in our minds.

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This is not necessarily bad. If we gave conscious attention to every single thought or action, we would overload our brain with unimportant decisions.

Still, your thoughts, reactions and responses got you where you are today. And they will continue to create your future reality, level of success and prosperity. Let’s take a look at the mental process that normally occurs when facing a challenge like creating more prosperity in our lives.

When faced with a challenge one of three basic responses tend to occur:

Option 1. You can REACT by getting anxious and frustrated, then even sinking into depression and giving up. This would obviously create a very negative reality in your life.

Option 2. You can REACT by getting very angry, and then venting your anger at everyone around you.

Option3. You can instead RESPOND and use your mental focus and energy to take positive empowering action — thereby creating a positive response to the challenge you face, such as how to bring more prosperity into your life.

Reacting Versus Responding

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Let’s start by looking at the above options. There’s a massive outcome difference between reacting and responding. Reacting is a knee jerk reaction controlled by the oldest, non-logical portion of your brain (the brain stem). This is then built up even further by the limbic-system emotion you stirred up with your knee-jerk reaction.

Responding, on the other hand, is focused in the higher thinking centers of your brain, which then send signals down to the emotional centers to take control of any stress or fear.
Life does not just happen to us. It’s our reaction or response to what occurs that creates our personal reality. Think about this for a moment. You really are in charge of creating your own life by choosing whether you react or respond to your challenges.

What’s the Solution?

Our lives are a mirror reflection of exactly how we think. Financial security and prosperity do not just happen. We create it by responding, or we instead react and continue to accept the crumbs that life happens to throw our way.

If you want to be prosperous, the place to start is by building a solid prosperity-focused response to your current life situation. This is true no matter how unsatisfactory your current life may seem.

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Start with a review of your current thoughts. If you want prosperity, but constantly think about your lack of money, you are focused on the wrong end of the prosperity stick. Your lower brain is in control and encouraging fear and anxiety based negative knee-jerk reactions. This is obviously not where you want your mental focus to be.

A far better approach is to take control of your thoughts. Pay attention to the internal messages you are thinking. Are they negative or fear based? If so, that is molding your mind set. The most immediate solution is to begin to respond positively to your situation. Build a positive and optimistic mind set and use it to change your thinking patterns.

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