How Big is Your Brain?

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What is your Brain?

You have far more power packed into your brain than you can even  imagine. Trying to define our brain’s ultimate capacity is like trying to place your finger on a globule of mercury. The human brain is infinitely complex, and your amazing brain is no exception.

Your brain contains 1,000,000,000,000 nerve cells (neurons) – so many that if your individual neurons were stretched end to end, they would reach all the way to the moon and back.

Our brains are virtually limitless. Cutting-edge scientists like Bruce Lipton are now even telling us that a thought alone has the power to control how our genes express.

Your Brain Likes “Vibrations”

And scientists studying the “connective tissue” that holds our body together have discovered something else amazing. The connective tissue tubules that extend into each of our cells respond to vibration – including the vibration created by each of your thoughts. This is why you can “think” yourself sick or well – and each individual cell in your body will “get the message.”

How the Brain Senses  Vibrations

This also explains why we can walk into an old church, for example, and actually “feel” the vibrations contained in the walls of the building. And it also explains why you might feel repulsed by one person, or strongly attracted to the vibrations emanating from another person. The message of quantum physics that we are basically energy (which vibrates by its very nature) begins to make sense on a very real individual level.

What is a “Thought?”

OK, so then what IS a thought? It’s basically energy that causes an electro-chemical response in your brain. The net result is that your brain’s neurons will then “fire’ in a certain “on-off” pattern.

This produces tiny currents of electrical energy that pass along definite pathways in your cortex (your thinking cap). These currents are traced as “brainwaves” by attaching electrodes to your skull and connecting them electrodes to an EEG.

Each thought produces an actual 70 millivolts in your cortex. (Your brain actually produces between 5 and 10 volts of energy — enough to light up the inside of a refrigerator.)

Could You Have a Genius Brain?

Here’s something else you might find very interesting: As a young man Albert Einstein had a terrible time in school, and some of his teachers even felt he could not be educated because he was so dyslexic.

Yet he went on (after struggling to qualify to get into college) to prove himself one of the most brilliant people of our times. How did he do this? Einstein challenged himself by asking unanswerable questions, and then stretching his mind to search for an answer.

Over time, because of his commitment to mental gymnastics, Einstein changed his brain. How was his brain different? The answer was provided by one particularly brilliant researcher – Dr. Marian Diamond.

The Difference of Einstein’s Brain

Upon examining a tissue sample from Einstein’s brain (she was one of several scientists who did so after his death), Dr. Diamond discovered the secret to Einstein’s genius – his mental search created a massive interconnected network of neural pathways in his brain.

Here’s why that’s important: Diamond’s research and the work of other scientists has clearly established that “genius” is not born – it is actually a created state!  

How to Stretch your Brain

Would you like to stretch your mental muscles? I encourage you to commit to build your brain on a regular basis. Mind-stretching activities like engineered brainwave training and challenging pursuits will create new neural pathways just like those found in Einstein’s brain.

And to ensure you get the most possible results from your mental gymnastics, be sure to give your brain the food and water it needs to operate well. By the time you’re thirsty, for example, your brain has already been starved for oxygen. Researchers claim that a deficit of one glass of water can lower your IQ as much as 20 percent!

Posted by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
Neuropsychologist and 45-year pioneer brain/mind researcher

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