Got the Same Old Money Problem?

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 Do you find yourself coming around again and again to the same financial challenge?

This is never merely coincidental or accidental. So then … what’s behind this all too common and unpleasant experience?

It’s not the economy, or bad luck, the author of “Money Brain Power” insists. There’s something else at work, and it’s not going to go away on its own. Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, a 45-year pioneer mind/brain researcher, explained during her recent “Money Talks” Radio interview.

Ammon-Wexler, a doctor of psychology and a self-made millionaire, revealed what she says is the common secret of the super-successful people she has worked with through the years: “The brain loves habits,” she explained, “and will always push you to think thoughts and take actions based on your past experiences. It’s  like a path through a meadow,” she continued, “and every time you walk over that path, it gets more and more set into place. Financial thinking works the same way.”

She explained how the strong neural networks this creates in our brains tend to lock us into personal financial traps. Then we make the same ill-directed financial mistakes again and again in our lives.

“This does NOT mean there’s  anything WRONG with you,” she explained. “You’re just being boxed in by something your brain naturally loves – habits.” She went on to explain that behind the scenes our past history is directing all of our current thoughts and actions related to money.

She laughed good-naturedly when the interviewer asked her “how” we can escape this trap. “The secret is to reach into your brain and re-program it to SUPPORT your desires. Fail to do so and you will just continue to get more of what you’re facing today! This has nothing to do with today’s economic challenges,” Ammon-Wexler explained. “It’s the same in good times.”

“As a self-made millionaire,” Ammon-Wexler noted, “I can tell you that the ‘how’ to be financially stronger is totally worthless until you first adjust what’s happening in your mind. Otherwise the same old habits that got you to where you are today will continue to be in control.”

The interviewer asked Dr. Ammon-Wexler for her opinion of the Law of Attraction and “The Secret” book and video. “That’s really only a small part of the picture,” Ammon-Wexler commented. “There’s something BIG missing when we think we can just sit and visualize having more money or success. You can sit for an hour visualizing having more money in your life. Then the instant you stop, your mind just goes back to work thinking the same old thoughts about NOT having enough money. It does this automatically 24-7, because it has become a habitual way of thinking. And you know the power of habits,” she stressed.

Ammon-Wexler went on to explain that we each have a “money mind set” — a mental blueprint that controls all of our desires, beliefs, guilt, fear and expectations related to money. “Too many people just focus on ‘how’ can they make money,” she explained. “But to create financial success, you have to start by forgetting about the ‘how’ to get more money into your life. You need to first get your brain properly focused on creating new ways of thinking (to) get past the stuff that’s  holding you back.”

Ammon-Wexler is the author of a “how to” book based on what she has done with her clients from around the world for over 45 years. The short, fast-moving 39-page book presents critically important insights into exactly “how” to get your brain to support your goals. “I have purposely made this very inexpensive, only $2.99 to download,” Dr. Ammon-Wexler explained. “I want to do my part to be part of the solution today.”

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