Your Pineal Gland = Your Third Eye

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Did you realize you actually DO have a physical third eye?

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Ancient esoteric teachers long felt we are somehow connected to higher levels of consciousness through a “third eye.” They were right!

The actual physical location of the third eye has now been confirmed by scientists. Ever heard of your pineal gland? This pea-sized gland is the top of your brain stem (the oldest portion of your brain), and is located directly behind your eyes — in the exact geometric center of your brain. Some metaphysicians feel this correlates to the location of Egypt’s Great Pyramid in the exact center of our physical planet.

The pineal gland has much in common with your exterior eyes. It has a lens activated by light, and completely maps the visual field of the eyes. The pineal also responds to electromagnetic energy.

According to ancient traditions, the third eye begins to exhibit special powers when we are deeply relaxed and less concerned with our physical and mental states. In terms of modern brainwave training, this corresponds to deep brainwave frequencies like Theta, when a sense of our ego boundary can vanishe.

Ancient traditions claimed one feels an unusual pressure at the base of their brain when the pineal gland awakens. When activated it is said to become a direct line into higher states of consciousness. It is interesting to note that the skull bones in front of the third eye tend to become thinner in long-time meditators and yogis.

To develop the sensitivity of your third eye, start by polishing your ability to relax deeply while remaining totally awake. The ancient mystery schools taught their students to direct their attention away from their physical senses, then focus on a point in the middle of their forehead.

If you are using brainwave training, you would want to start with solid Alpha-level relaxation. Then sink down into Theta to withdraw your focus on any external stimuli while remaining awake.

The secret is to then visualize the essence of your energy-based body escaping out through the base of your brain. You may hear a popping sound in the center of your head when you achieve this.


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